Escondido Real Estate Attorney

When you are planning to sell or purchase a home, land, or commercial property, or have a dispute in regard to a real estate contract, you need an attorney with ample experience in the field, who can protect your interests and get you the outcome you desire. Arthur H. Skola has provided counsel to real estate clients in California since 1979.

Home Purchases

California is something of an anomaly when it comes to home purchases. Even though the acquisition of a home is usually the largest purchases most people ever make, usually involving more than half a million dollars, few Californians have attorneys involved at any stage until expensive litigation is staring them in the face. Lawyers are best used before a transaction is closed. Ensuring the contract is fair, and that you fully understand your obligations and the consequences of failing to meet them is essential to a successful transaction.

Home Sales

Both sides of a home sale contract need legal counsel. The failure to recognize required disclosures can result in catastrophic claims by the buyer after closing. Just like with buyers, it is important that sellers fully understand their obligations and the consequences of failing to meet them.


Real Estate disputes are as varied as the properties themselves. Sometimes there are zoning issues, sometimes easement issues, or title issues. Of course, real estate contracts are an endless source of disputes. The good news with property disputes is that most are able to be resolved through negotiation rather than litigation provided the parties proceed in good faith.  A H Skola can assist you in defining and analyzing the real property issues that concern you and help negotiate a resolution or, if that fails, aggressively pursue your interests in court or in arbitration.


Acquisition of real property for development in California is always fraught with risks, market related, economic, legal, and even political. Entitlements make or break many deals and the transactional documents used in acquisition or sale must anticipate many contingencies and provide for economical resolutions of issues that inevitably arise. Working with someone experienced in the area of law as well as litigation that has arisen from transactions can enable you to proceed with confidence. Mr. Skola has more than 30 years of experience in real estate development and litigation.


The manner in which real property is held and by what entity can impact income taxes, property taxes, asset protection, and estate planning. Tax deferred exchanges for income producing property are also an attractive device in many sales or purchases. It is important that you have the advice of an attorney whose experience reaches across all of the practice areas that come into play

Insurance Disputes

Just like the contracts for the purchase of real estate, legal advice on the purchase of insurance is crucial to know and accept the risks that you undertake. Nevertheless, many property owners believe they have insurance that protects them and are surprised when their insurer denies coverage for a claim. A H Skola has long experience in analyzing and litigating property casualty and liability policies and claims. You may want us to provide you with an analysis of the insurance you have or are about to buy. Or, if you have a claim, you may want us to represent you against your insurance company. In either case, we bring the experience and knowledge to help you.