Escondido Employment Law Attorney

“Employer Law” is usually not the way you see this legal area described. But for the employer, that is what it boils down to. There are numerous and sometimes surprising laws and regulations that affect your relationship with your employees. Many of them, if they become a dispute can cost you dearly. Mr. Skola offers a confidential audit of your employment practices, which can reveal problem areas to correct to avoid liability in the future. Or, if there are wage and hour, discrimination, or abuse allegation already made, the claims must be defended. In either case, A H. Skola has the experience and insight to assist you.

Employee Law

If you are an employee, you may not understand the statutory rights you have. Often, an employee does not even consider making a claim until and unless his or her employer has terminated him or her or otherwise taken a negative action. If an employer retaliates against an employee for “whistle blowing” in the private or public arena, there are several federal and state laws that may afford the employee with the means of protecting his or her economic well-being. If discriminated against because he or she falls within a protected class, remedies are available.

Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour laws are meant to protect employees. Employers often misclassify workers as “exempt” or as “sub-contractors” in order to avoid paying overtime wages. The law protects workers from such abuse and attorneys’ fees are often recoverable from the employer as well as the compensation due. In other situations, employers do not let workers report all the time spent at work, pay below minimum wage, or do not allow workers to take uninterrupted, work-free lunch or rest breaks. In each case the employer is breaking the law and can be forced to properly compensate its employees. Mr. Skola will help you take your employer to court to bring their wage and hour violations into the open so you can get the wages you have earned and keep your hours within the limits of the law.

Executive Contracts

Executive contracts for employees can be overbearing. They may prevent you from opening a business or working for competing companies. They may take your intellectual property without adequate compensation. Your employer may also fail to come through on the terms of your contract upon your termination or resignation from the company. If you need to modify certain stipulations of your contract, or your employer has failed to meet their end of the deal, Mr. Skola can negotiate with your employer or take the employer to court to assert your rights. If you are negotiating an executive contract, Mr. Skola can assist you to protect your rights without antagonizing your potential employer.