Escondido Construction Law Attorney

Disputes among contractors, design professionals, and owners are common on construction and development projects. A party can protect itself by having well drafted agreements spelling out each party’s responsibilities clearly. Producing paperwork documenting events during construction is more problematical for many construction professionals. A H Skola Law Offices can assist in both drafting / reviewing construction contracts and in developing a process whereby communications during construction are clear.

Construction Disputes

Unfortunately, many construction and development projects end up in disputes that must be arbitrated or litigated. Arthur H. Skola has represented contractors, subcontractors, owners, and design professionals in such disputes and brings to the table an understanding of each party’s role. He has litigated scores of construction breach and construction defect cases and has a deep understanding of the methods and means of construction through the retention and the cross-examination of construction experts of every stripe.


Real Estate Development and be very lucrative for those involved — or disastrous. California and Nevada provide obstacles and barriers that frustrate the dreams and ambitions of developers. While this makes the process more expensive and time consuming, it also limits entry into the field to those with the fortitude to stick it out and offers more opportunity to profit from a successful development. Arthur Skola has assisted many entrepreneurs in dealing with government entities, sellers, and potential buyers developing commercial or multi-family residential properties and is eager to assist those who have projects they love.

Insurance Issues

Whether you are a developer who owns a hundred acres, a single homeowner, or a construction professional, insurance plays a major role in protecting your economic interests. Unfortunately, many who buy insurance have no idea — or the wrong idea — about what it covers. They only learn when denied coverage. Arthur H Skola has wide experience with insurance issues and has litigated against insurance companies on behalf insureds on both property and liability claims. He can also assess the coverage offered by the insurance companies in a way that agents cannot or will not so that you have a true understanding of the risks you have covered and those on which you remain vulnerable.