Escondido Civil Litigation Attorney

A H Skola Law Offices, APC and its predecessors have provided litigation services for more than 30 years. A H Skola welcomes clients in need of an experienced and effective civil litigation lawyer. Learn more about the types of civil litigation cases handled by the firm and how we can protect your interests during a litigation matter.

A H Skola Law Offices, APC maintains offices in Escondido, CA and welcomes clients from San Diego County and all over the states of California and Nevada. The firm has experience litigating civil matters of all kinds, including business, real estate, construction, insurance, contracts, unfair business practices, and employment law. Anyone who needs a civil litigation attorney is invited to call us.

When you seek an attorney to counsel you on your best course of action, fight for your interests, and help you right a wrong using the legal system, we provide effective, caring counsel.

How a Civil Litigation Attorney Can Help

If you have been sued, you need prompt legal representation to protect your rights. We immediately assess the first steps that must be taken, what law applies to your case, and analyze the options you have to protect your interests. If you or your business has suffered a wrong that has or may cause you damage, we make a similar analysis. Not all attorneys will be honest with you but, sometimes, the best option may be to try to resolve the problem without costly litigation. We lay out all options for you to consider. Whether you seek help filing a suit or arbitration demand, responding to a complaint, or negotiating a resolution of a dispute, we are here to assist you. And, if you choose to litigate, we will work tirelessly to fight for your rights.

If you have a civil litigation matter that you would like help with, we encourage you to contact A H Skola Law Offices, APC where you can receive a free new client consultation. We will assess the merits of your claim or defense and suggest ways in which we may help you. To speak with the attorney now, call the firm at 760-487-7770.