Practice Areas

Escondido Business Law Attorney

When you run a business, you take on a lot of responsibilities beyond managing the day to day operations. Compliance with laws, regulations, and good contracting practices are a headache for every entrepreneur but nevertheless imperative to keep your business secure. And disputes with other businesses or customers are inevitable. If you want to ensure that your business interests are protected, let Arthur H. Skola handle your legal headaches.

Escondido Civil Litigation Attorney

A H Skola Law Offices maintains an office in Escondido, CA and welcomes clients from San Diego County and all over the states of California and Nevada. The firm has experience litigating civil matters of all kinds, including business, real estate, construction, insurance, contracts, and employment law. When you seek an attorney to counsel you on your best course of action, fight for your interests, and help you right a wrong using the legal system, Attorney Skola can provide effective, caring representation.

Escondido Construction Law Attorney

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, owner, or design professional, legal pit-falls abound in construction projects. The first protection you have against unknown risks is a solid contract that you fully understand. The next is the faithful monitoring of compliance with the contract on the part of those with whom you deal as well as your own employees and agents. The third protection is effective representation in dispute resolution forums. A H Skola can assist in contract negotiation, drafting, and compliance issues. And when conflicts and legal disputes arise the firm can efficiently defend or prosecute your interests.

Escondido Employment Law Attorney

Employers and employees have been given legal obligations and rights that affect the bottom line on the one hand and one’s livelihood on the other. Since virtually everyone is an employer or employee, nearly everyone faces some legal issue in employment at some point. And although nearly everyone is subject to the laws governing employment, very few understand their rights and responsibilities. As an employer faced with a claim you need effective legal counselling and representation. As an employee you need to know what your options are when you feel you have been treated unfairly. Attorney Arthur H. Skola can effectively represent you in your employment dispute.

Escondido Real Estate Attorney

Real estate law is about more than just contracts. Though, contracts are a substantial part. The field of real estate law also covers title matters, development, disputes, and litigation. When you are planning to sell or purchase a home, land, or commercial property, or have a dispute in regard to a real estate contract, you need an attorney with ample experience in the field, who can protect your interests and get you the outcome you deserve. Arthur H. Skola has represented real estate clients in California and New York since 1979.